Celebrating a Milestone: Graduating from Brooks

Two years ago today, I graduated from Brooks Institute – what a journey it was! Not sure how I did it, but it was the best decision I ever made with my life! Proud to have gotten the outstanding photography education afforded to me and grateful for it to have helped make my dream of becoming a “real” working photographer come true! Thank you to my amazing instructors who paved the way for me! To my fellow Brookies – I miss all of you – I love seeing all the incredible work you all are producing near and far! Cheers to the Class of 2014!!! 🎓📸🍾


With Classmates: Kenny Castro & Saskia Koerner 

graduation crew_

With my wonderful family & friends who made it to SB to see me graduate! 

I also wrote the following “Thank You” note (see below) two years ago upon completing my final semester at Brooks and graduating. No one got to see it because it was hung up on the second floor at our Cota campus and that floor was closed off to the public during my last week there. So, I thought what an appropriate day to share 🙂 



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